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The Best Rowing Machine Under $500

SportPlus Rowing Machine

The SportPlus Rowing Machine is one of the best options due to the high build quality and adjustable features. This makes it one of the easiest Rowing Machines to work with day in, day out. It can hold weight up to 150KG which means that it’s applicable for the majority of people.

Not only is it built really well, it’s clever aswell. It has a 5 kHz Pulse Receiver computer that helps to track your workout and progress. You can also adjust the resistance you want aswell which comes in handy when you want to change the difficulty quickly.

Some of the other features are a high quality silent magnetic brake system with a cable connection. The brake system also has an 8KG flywheel which is better than the majority of other rowing machines. So, what does this mean? Well this provides a good amount of resistance at a good weight aswell. It also has a comfortable rowing seat that is ball-bearing mounted. This means that the seat can be adjusted quickly and easily.

The SportPlus has a high-quality aluminium track which is foldable. The dimensions of the machine when in use is 190cm long, 51cm wide and 77cm high. When collapsed, it is 95cm long, 51cm wide and 122cm high. Considering the foldable track, this is a really good size for anyone and anywhere. It’s ideal for the gym or for using at home.

JLL® R200+ Home Rowing Machine

The JLL R2000 is designed to give the best results at home. The design is meant to be as compact and adjustable as possible so its perfect for putting into smaller spaces. It even has an inbuilt wheel that can be used to transport it! The maximum user weight is 100KG which is good enough for the majority of people to use it.

The JLL R2000 has an LCD monitor screen that helps to track total count, calorie count, distance, scan, and time. This is a great feature for getting as much as you can out of your home workout.

Another great feature is the advanced belt driving. This system means that the engagements are sharp and crisp which means you can connect with the machine and get the most you can out of your workout.

With a high-quality build guaranteed by the 12-month warranty, this rowing machine is perfect for home workouts!

XS Sports R310 Home Rowing Machine

The XS Sports R320 is designed to be durable, strong, and a save space. One of its best qualities is how strong the machine is. It has a traditional design, but the powder coated frame means its even stronger than normal. It also comes with a handy 12-month warranty should anything go wrong. It’s designed for a maximum weight of 100KG.

Apart from its strength and durability, this rowing machine has been designed in conjunction with home gym equipment professionals with a particular focus on the quality and experience you have with the machine. This means that its really user friendly!

You don’t need to worry about safety either! After hundreds of hours of testing, the machine is guaranteed to last and keep you safe whilst using it due to the company promise of crafting every product to the highest possible standard.

It’s also got 10 levels of resistance which are fully magnetised. It also features a 4kg inner magnetic flywheel, a very precise LCD monitor screen that helps to track total count, calorie count, distance, scan, and time.

This would be the ideal rowing machine for the person who wants to work out at home and already has some experience in the gym!

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