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Does Whey Protein Give You Gas?

Yes, whey protein can give you gas.

Many people who are on high protein diets have experienced the bloat and gas that comes from daily protein shakes.

How Can You Reduce Gas From Protein Shakes?

You need protein if you’re trying to add muscle, and you don’t have to give up taking protein powder or drinking shakes.

1. Check Your Diet

Have a look at your dairy intake.

Cut back on cheese and milk.

Also, check your protein intake from food. You might be having too much protein, and that’s an easy adjustment to make.

2. Change Brands

One particular brand of whey protein powder might not agree with you, so try another one and see if you experience less bloating.

3. Talk To Your Doctor

You might be lactose intolerant and not even know it.

If you’re lactose intolerant, a common problem is gas and bloating.

Whey protein, because it is made from dairy milk, contains lactose.

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