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Best Equipment To Start A Crossfit Gym


White PVC Pipes

Commonly used for plumbing and drainage. Usually, on the 4 to 5 feet length range, they’re perfect for warmups for barbell movements, helping athletes with their positioning.


After mastering PVC-pipe-lifting, these are the next level. These allow the user to practice back squats, deadlifts and overhead presses. One tip from the experts at Shape is to purchase weight plates to add to the bar. Like this, the stronger the user gets, the more they will require. One should be careful not to get too excited with them, though. Gotta prevent back injuries.

Antifreeze Jugs

No, it’s not a joke. Some athletes have been using these to practice deadlifting, front squatting, bent-over and shoulder to overhead rowing. The only thing anyone that wants to give it a try would need is two antifreeze jugs.

Pull-Up Bar

The experts at Shape recommend having it installed in the doorways, allowing the user to work on their pull-ups, toe-to-bar, chest-to-bars and hanging knee raise, to mention a few of the moves one would use it for. One thing to keep in mind is that it won’t be possible to complete a bar muscle-up due to the lack of space overhead.

Weight Vest

This one is to add more difficulty to at-home workouts. Weight vests are often in the 14 to 20 pounds range and are sadly underrated. They’re perfect for burpees, air squats, lunges and push-ups. Important: The weight vest should fit snugly, without bouncing around, while allowing the user to breathe.

Ab Mat

Looks similar to a flat, black pillow. Cross-fitters use them under their lower backs so they can fully extend themselves while doing abdominal, as well as doubling as a cushion for a hand-stand push-up. They can be combined with barbells for more results, but it is important to consult some videos on the matter.


It might seem a no-brainer, but it’s essential for bicep curls, step-overs, snatches, thrusters and hang power cleans, as well as overhead lunges. To build an optimal weight, which will depend on the user’s gender, it is advisable to get a range of dumbbells. There are also adjustable bells that allow them to add it gradually, this option being the most affordable.


It is recommended to have one or two at home, which will allow the cross-fitter to complete swings, snatches, farmer carries, sumo deadlifts and goblet squats, to name a few. The experience of the user will determine how heavy they will go. The experts at Shape suggest picking a weight at which one can comfortably do ten swings with good form.

Medicine Balls

Under appreciated by many, they’re the key in mastering the med ball clean, one of the nine basic movements any cross-fitter would be familiarized with. Med balls are also a must for squat therapy, as well as adding weight to goblet squats. An added benefit is that, due to their size, which is close to a basketball’s, they’re space-efficient.


It’s the professional’s preferred option for metabolic conditioning, getting the heart rate up as a jump rope or running sneaks would. A rower is perfect for working the arms, core and posterior chains, increasing the user’s cardiovascular capacity.

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