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What Does Creatine Do For Your Body? 

Who should use creatine supplementation? Don’t let the fear and myths of “Creatine are Harmful” overthrow you goal or career. Read this piece to learn more about the role of creatine in your body and also to understand its benefits.

The Role of Creatine in the Body

You might have come across an online post which suggests that creatine supplements should only be used by bodybuilders. 

The posts are misleading because creatine supplementation also benefits soccer players, sprinters, and swimmers. Supplementing with creatine also increases your muscle size, your power, and the body’s strength making it ideal for sports including hockey and football. Benefits of Creatine Supplementation

1. Cost and efficiency

Your body naturally produces creatine from amino acids, which serve as protein’s building blocks. You can also obtain this supplement in foods rich in protein, especially fish and meat.

Getting an appreciable creatine amount in your body would require you to eat a lot of fish and meat.

This fact makes creatine supplementation efficient and inexpensive to increase the body’s intake of creatine.

2. Are your muscles weak?

Creatine regenerates ATP (adenosine triphosphate) molecule, the main energy source for your body.

When your body muscles deplete creatine stores, ATP production comes to a grinding halt leading to a dramatic decrease of your energy.

Creatine supplement increases your body’s energy for powering ATP and increases the power output, strength, and size of muscles. Is it useful for long-distance runners?

No, creatine will not help you if you want to run or exercise for extended time. You must understand that this supplementation cannot last for events or exercises that persist for over 2 minutes.

The bottom line is creatine is a popular supplement in the sports market. Its popularity continues to increase as most people use it as a source of short-term energy or to maximize exercises like lifting weights or sprinting a 100m.

But people often misunderstand this sports supplement, despite its broad use, with some claiming creatine supplementation is unsafe and dangerous.

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